Appreciate The Little Things ~ January: Celebrate New Beginnings {Monthly Series}

Avon 2015 calendar

I am willing to bet you’ve heard “don’t sweat the small stuff” more times than you care to count. I can relate! However, I’ve also been reminded to “appreciate the little things”. I do that every single day!

This post is the first in a monthly series. It is inspired by the AVON 2015 calendar: “Make Every Moment Beautiful”. January’s caption is Celebrate New Beginnings. I really look forward to getting AVON’s calendar every year. It is always full of beautiful pictures and inspirational thoughts.

I am an Independent AVON Sales Representative. I started selling their products when I was 18 years old, but didn’t get the training from which a young Rep could really benefit. So, I quit only to sign up (and quit) again several more times in the following years.

Fast forward to my 30’s and with two children, I decided it was another chance to try selling again. A new beginning. I put a considerable amount of time and effort into my business. At one point, even my sons helped me sort the products when they were delivered to my home. I also had a team of 22 women following their dreams to either work from home, earn some extra spending money, or save for vacation.

Then, my oldest son became very ill with a heart condition. Being a firm believer in “family first”, IĀ focused all of my attention on his recovery, and my business suffered. I am now in my 40’s, with a third child, and have no regrets. My son is a happy, healthy, 8-year-old boy and I wouldn’t change a single decision I made.

This time of year, the beginning of January, is very exciting for me. I always look at it as a chance to either try something new or differently. I started selling AVON again in 2011 and while I did try building another team, it just wasn’t the same. At that point, I was already blogging and making crafts as other ways to earn income. Variety may be the spice of life, but too many spices can ruin the recipe. (I just made that up)!

In 2015, I plan to focus on this new blog and a craft site which is also in the beginning stages. I will also continue to provide my Personal Shopper clients with what they need via Shop Your Way.

How do you plan to celebrate new beginnings in 2015?

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