Check Out My Three NEW Shop Your Way Personal Shopper Catalogs!

Shop Your Way Personal Shopper I am a huge fan of shopping online. That is one of many reasons why I love my job as a Shop Your Way Personal Shopper! You can read all about some of the other benefits in the post I wrote last week. In the meantime, I would like to bring your attention to the 115 digital catalogs I created over the course of one year. In fact, three of them are brand new as of Saturday! Men’s Pants My brother recently passed his Real Estate exam. So, he asked me for suggestions on pants he can wear to work. He specifically mentioned he wanted some in black, tan, and gray. Winter Hats for the Family I think it goes without saying I made this one for obvious reasons. It is Winter. It is freezing in Chicago this time of year. My head, my kids’ heads, and my extended family’s heads need to stay warm. Decorative Pillows I created this one because I am in the process of rearranging furniture at home. I live in a small, two bedroom apartment and there really isn’t much room for large pieces. So, I converted a twin size bed into a “daybed”. The only thing I am missing are, of course, the pillows to support the back. I would love it if you would consider taking a look at all of my catalogs and following your favorites.


Are you a Shop Your Way member? If not, you can sign up FREE at You will then be able to add me as your Personal Shopper here and I can make catalogs specifically with your shopping needs in mind.

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