Clearance, Coupons, and Gift Cards Rock My World

Clearance Coupons Gift Card

I love shopping! However, it’s not the spending money part I enjoy. The adrenalin rush I get from scoring a GREAT DEAL is amazing. Combining clearance, coupons, and gift cards rocks my world!

My kids and I exchanged Christmas gifts with my brother today. We didn’t get to see him on Christmas Eve because I was very ill. It’s still unclear whether it was food poisoning or I caught a stomach virus. I will spare you the details, but it was pretty bad!

I was thrilled to discover my brother gave me a gift card to Bed Bath and Beyond. Even though I am a Shop Your Way Personal Shopper, I still put forth the same effort in researching the lowest possible price. It is very rare for me to pay regular price for anything at ANY store…when I do my homework.

I prefer to shop online. So, I went to Bed Bath and Beyond’s website and immediately clicked on their Clearance section. While participating in a blog mentoring program a few months ago, I learned I should have a set of neutral dishes for the purpose of taking recipe photos.

I scored BIG! A 48-piece set of porcelain dishes, original price $99.99, was only $39.99. If you ever shop at BBB you know they offer coupons for 20% Off on a single item. The set of dishes was reduced to $31.99.

Bed Bath and Beyond Gift Card

I really dislike paying for shipping. Since the gift card was for $50 and shipping would be free once I reached $49, I continued shopping. Next item added to my cart: 2-piece griddle and grill pan set for $14.99. Almost there! The final item I decided to buy was a 7-piece utensil set for $5.99.

WOW! When you consider the Clearance price on the dishes and the coupon, I was saving $78! My subtotal came to $52.97, add sales tax, minus the $50 gift…I only paid $6.28 out of pocket for some really awesome stuff! Here is the Order Confirmation sent to my email.

Bed Bath and Beyond Order

What are your thoughts? I would love to hear about the great deals you score with clearance, coupons, and gift cards!

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