Free Printable: Shapes Craft Activity for Kids


Free Printable: Shapes Craft Activity for Kids

Once upon a time, I was homeschooling my kids. Unfortunately, “life happened” (their father and I separated) and I had to enroll them back in school so I could focus on earning a living. Thankfully, working from home as a blogger and independent contractor allows me to be available for them whenever they need me.

During the time when they called me “Mommy Teacher”, I had fun coming up with creative projects for them to complete. This shapes craft activity for kids has unlimited ways for your little ones to use their imagination.

Supplies Needed

  • Construction paper or card stock
  • Crayons, markers, and/or colored pencils
  • Scissors
  • Glue (can be a glue stick or regular Elmer’s Glue depending on child’s age)
  • Anything else the child can think of to complete their design

Plan: Have your child(ren) plan ahead how he/she/they will incorporate all of these shapes into one scene.

Color each shape according to the object it is representing.

Carefully cut each shape. Parent supervision is recommended depending on the child’s age.

Paste the shapes onto the construction paper. They should follow the design created during the planning stage.

Add final touches, let dry, and display it proudly for everyone to see.


When I did this activity with my kids three years ago, we opted to do an outdoor home scene. The square and triangle became the house; the circle was the sun; and the oval was the swimming pool. We also drew windows and a door on the house as well as a tree and some grass in the yard, and birds in the sky.

I still have all four of ours hanging in the living room. I have not taken a picture because they have faded a little. However, I am planning to ask the kids to do this activity again to see what they can come up with next time.

What did your child(ren) decide to make with this shapes craft activity?

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