New Year New Everything In 2015!

Happy New Year 2015


I am starting the year by writing my first post on this blog. New year, new everything in 2015! I have high hopes for the next 365 days. Not that 2014 was a bad year. On the contrary, it was very good to me. However, I am setting several goals for myself, my children, my career and life in general.

The symbols in the image below portray some of the things I plan to focus on this coming year.

New Year 2015

  • Peace: Peace of mind and in the world around me. Or, at the very least, in my community.
  • Heart: To love and be loved is a wonderful feeling. I am a single mother and really hope my second chance is out there…somewhere.
  • Blue ribbon: Success is different for everyone. As long as I am able to support my three children and maybe have a few “extras”, I consider that successful. Being able to buy my first house would be a major BONUS.
  • Clover: I am 100% Italian, but am all for being surrounded by the “Luck of the Irish”.
  • Music: Depending on the song(s), music can bring all sorts of emotions to the surface. It makes me happy and sad, inspires and relaxes me.
  • Purple ribbon: I would really like to do my part this year in helping to raise awareness of domestic violence. There are different types and most of the wounds are not visible.

In addition to the exciting and important things listed above, I am hoping to get back to eating healthy and exercising. I can no longer use “it’s baby weight” for the excess baggage I’ve been carrying. Fingers are crossed, but not while I’m typing. Updates on my progress will be shared here.

What are your hopes, dreams, and/or goals for 2015?

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