Top Ten Tuesday: My Most Popular Catalogs on Shop Your Way

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Welcome to my new series: Top Ten Tuesday! Each week, I will showcase ten people, places, or things that have affected me or shaped my life in some way. The topics will pertain to my past, present, or future and will give you a little more insight into who I am.

One of my favorite jobs….Ever.

I have been a Shop Your Way Personal Shopper since August 2013. One of my many responsibilities and, dare I say the most fun, is creating digital catalogs and their cover photos. Occasionally, one will make the site’s Leaderboard which makes doing my job even more exciting.

Following is a list of my most popular catalogs on Shop Your Way. Most were either in the Top 10 on the Leaderboard or at least made the Top 100. I make new ones frequently, so check back often to see what was added.

Click the thumbnails to view the contents of each catalog.

Disney Frozen


This one placed #1 on the Leaderboad for almost an entire week before it was bumped. I am not sure who is a bigger fan of the movie, my six-year-old daughter or me, but this catalog will always hold a special place in my heart.

Lawn & Garden

shop your way

Currently #14 on the Leaderboard, it reached #2 during Easter week.

Easter Gifts Under $10

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Currently #15 on the Leaderboard, it reached #3 during Easter week.

Lady in Red

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A great song connected to an awesome movie. It contains an assortment of beautiful red dresses. This catalog did make the Leaderboard several weeks ago, but I don’t remember where it ranked.

Hello Kitty

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Currently ranked #71 on the Leaderboard, it debuted in the Top 50. This catalog includes everything from clothing and bed linens to accessories and electronics.

Champagne Wedding

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Currently ranked #88 on the Leaderboard. This catalog was inspired by a friend of mine and fellow blogger who recently became engaged. She mentioned on social media she was thinking about “having a champagne wedding”.

These final four catalogs did rank on the Leaderboardf at different levels and times. It has been so long, I really don’t remember how well they did.

Winter Hats for the Family

shop your way

Keeping those hands and heads warm during the cold months is so important. Especially with how brutal the winters have become in Chicago the last few years. I am still holding out hope that Mother Nature has a “mild winter” planned for us very soon.

Movies for Kids

shop your way

This one is still a “work in progress”. There are tons of movies my kids have seen and love which haven’t been added to it yet.

Honoring Dr. Seuss

shop your way

For the longest time I thought my oldest son actually shared a birthday with the amazing Dr. Seuss. As it turns out, I was one day off: March 2nd vs the 3rd. In any case, this catalog is filled with great products which will make great gifts for a fan.

Holiday Decor Under $15

shop your way

This is one of my favorite catalogs. I purchased several items from it to give as gifts last Christmas and to decorate my own home.

You can view all of my catalogs here. There are a total of 126 with the newest ones being the Adam Levine Collection (For Men and For Women) and the Ty Pennington Style: Outdoor Living.

I can create a catalog for you and help you save time and money. Become a Client today!

I want to hear from you! Leave a comment below with which ones in this list are your favorite.


  1. Movies for Kids is my favorite!

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