Top Ten Tuesday: Reasons Why Being a WAHM Works for Me

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Once upon a time I used to work outside the home. My past jobs ranged from working at department stores and an Italian specialty store, to a brokerage firm, fast food franchise (in their corporate office), mortgage and real estate. While I am grateful for all of the experiences I had and some friendships I made, nothing has made me feel happier, more fulfilled, (and successful!) than being a MOM and working from home.

Reasons Why Being a WAHM Works for Me

1. I am my own boss! I make the rules based on what I feel works with my personal goals. I work to achieve the things I need and want for my family.

2. I make my own schedule. There is a reason why I am referred to as a WORK-at-home-mom. I actually do work. As in: I earn a living to help support my three children! I have two blogs, am a Social Media Influencer, a Concierge Personal Shopper, and an Independent Sales Rep/Consultant/Distributor for several direct sales companies. (See right sidebar for a list of some of those).

3. I choose the projects. I have the freedom to work on whatever I want each day. This blog, Hopeful Momma, has a different post theme for each day. Once those are written, I work on my other income-generating responsibilities like making digital catalogs and sharing great deals with my fans and followers.

4. I love the variety. While I do have a basic routine in place, especially for my children, I really appreciate the option to move things around based on what may come up on any given day.

5. I can work in my pajamas (some days). This is definitely a perk. My home is my office and vice versa. The dress code here is to be comfortable.

6. I am available for my kids 24/7. If one of them gets sick at school, I don’t have to ask anyone for permission to leave. I just go. This is a BIG DEAL for me! They have always been and always will be my #1 priority. Always.

7. I can take a day off or go on vacation whenever it is convenient for me. I don’t have to put in a request or coordinate with other employees. If I feel like taking a “mental health day”, I do it.

8. I have multiple paydays! With so many eggs in different baskets, a big bonus is getting paid on different dates throughout the month.

9. I can help my kids with their homework while I continue to work on my own projects. In fact, I recently started asking them: “who wants to help Mommy with her homework?” or “who wants to see what Mommy just made?” which usually refers to a catalog or new image for this blog. They literally jump at the chance to watch me in action. They tell me whether they think something looks good or, in the case with my oldest son, if I should change something. I trained him well.

10. I am happy. I have finally achieved what I have always wanted to do: run my own business. It may not be a brick and mortar type business, but it’s mine and I thank God every day for continuing to guide me on this path.

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  1. You are such a good momma too! A schedule is always good, but mixing it up occasionally doesn’t hurt – it actually helps to keep things fresh! You know what you’re doing! Just keep up the good work! <3 you!

  2. YES to everything you said. Love this! I agree with every word. It’s hard work, but it’s work on our terms. I’m so happy to have that, especially as a single mom.

    • bella0421 says:

      You know I didn’t even notice I hadn’t mentioned the fact that I also am a single mom. This makes our efforts even MORE noteworthy in my opinion. Not only are we managing our businesses, but our households as well. Being a working parent is hard enough. Being a single working parent is even harder. Thank you for commenting!

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