Top Ten Tuesday: What I Love Most About Celebrating Birthdays

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Happy Birthday to me! Ever since I was a child, I would start counting down to my birthday weeks in advance. As I got older, I would do the same prior to the birthdays of friends and family. Now that I am a mom with kids of my own, the excitement leading up to their special day is even greater.

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday explains what I love most about celebrating birthdays.

Giving and Receiving Birthday Cards

Long before Facebook was born and started reminding people when their friends’ birthdays are, I used to love giving and receiving cards. I would spend time not only picking out the best one, but also thinking about the personal message I would write on the blank side.

Freebies from Birthday Clubs

I honestly do not remember if any birthday clubs existed when I was a child, but my kids and I are signed up for several now. Off the top of my head, some are IHOP, Cold Stone Creamery, Dunkin Donuts, Fuddruckers, Red Lobster, Shop Your Way. The benefits range from a free drink or entree to discounts on a purchase or freebie with purchase.

Buying Decorations

Whether I am planning a party or not, I love to get balloons and other decorations in the birthday girl or boy’s favorite colors and/or character.

Eating Dessert

Pretty self-explanatory, but my favorites are chocolate cake or cupcakes and, believe it or not, NO frosting. I love plain chocolate cake.  Also at the top of my dessert list are cheesecake and strawberry shortcake.

Favorite Dinners

Growing up, my mom used to make our favorite dinners for birthdays. I always picked spaghetti or tortellini. I do the same for my kids.

Planning Thoughtful, Fun, and Creative Surprises

I put a lot of thought and effort into what I give for birthdays. Hence, the reason I start weeks in advance. Hearing “Mom, you’re the best” truly is the most wonderful thing I’ve ever heard anyone say to me second only to “I love you”.

Making Birthday Wishes

As silly or naive as it may be, I make birthday wishes expecting them to come true. Or, at the very least, hoping really hard they will. I also have to practically bite my tongue not to ask my kids what they wished for.

Reaching Birthday Milestones

Go big or go home! The year I turned 30, I gave myself the gift of moving out of state. In addition to milestone birthdays, I have a lot of fun helping people celebrate their “Golden Birthday” which is basically the age you turn on your special day. Mine was the year I turned 21. My daughter’s will be the year she turns 18. No comment on whether I’ve started planning anything for it.

Getting Older and Wiser

If you’re lucky, you reach your next birthday having learned something after the previous one. This is what I strive for every year.

The Countdown

I make an actual countdown for my kids two weeks before each of their birthdays. They tear off a numbered page every day until the big day. The last page has a large smiley face inside the zero and says “Happy Birthday”.

What do you love most about celebrating birthdays?

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